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A to Z List of our high quality products
We strive to deliver high quality herb-based products to meet your health and wellness goals. Each formula was designed, formulated and tested for best clinical outcome with exceptional effectiveness. For product details browse this easy-to-use A-Z list
Anemic Formula
    Anemic nurtures the blood. It helps improve blood cell production including red blood cells by the bone marrow.
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Appetite Enhancer
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Digestion*
  • Spleen Tonic for Appetite*
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Apro Capsule
  • Herbal Support for Sinus and Nasal Health*
  • Clears Head Heat*
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Apro Nasal Oil
  • Nose and Sinus Formula*
  • Clears Nasal Heat for External Use*
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B-2 Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Lymphatic Circulation*
  • Spleen Tonic for Lymphatic Circulation*
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Bitter Formula
  • Herbal Support for Seasonal Allergies*
  • Clears Blood Heat*
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Brown Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Liver, Blood Lipid and Sugar Levels, Menopause Process, and Stress Management*
  • Nurtures Liver Yin*
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ClearLung Formula
  • Herbal Support for Respiratory Health*
  • Clears Lung Heat*
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CV Formula
  • Herbal Support for Heart Health*
  • Nurtures Qi and Blood*
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  • Herbal Support for Optical Health*
  • Nurtures the Eye*
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EzAir Capsule
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Bronchi*
  • Clears Liver Wind*
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Formula B
  • Herbal Support for Lower GI Health and Intestinal Mobility*
  • Spleen Tonic for Digestive Health*
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Formula C
  • Herbal Support for Connective Tissue Health*
  • Nurtures Kidney Real Yin*
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Formula D
  • Herbal Support for Toxin Removal from Digestive Tract*
  • Clears Heat in the GI Tract*
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Gallbladder Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Gallbladder*
  • Nurtures the Gallbladder*
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Java Sauce
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Immune Function*
  • Clears Spleen Damp*
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KS Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Kidney Function*
  • Clears Damp Heat in the Kidneys*
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LC Balancer
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Kidney, Bone, Joint and Spinal Disc. Enhances Microcirculation and Nutrient Absorption*
  • Nurtures Kidney Yin*
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MayMay Capsule
  • Herbal Support for Reproductive, Menstrual Health.*
  • Warms the Uterus*
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PA Capsule
  • Herbal support for pancreas health*
  • Clears pancreas heat*
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PaceKeeping Capsule
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Heart Rhythm*
  • Nurtures Heart Yin and Calms the Mind*
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Pearl Capsule
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Small Intestine*
  • Nurtures the Small Intestine*
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Qi Booster
  • Herbal Support for Immune System Function and Energy*
  • Enhances systemic Qi in the body*
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Soup A and Soup B
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Lung Structure and Function*
  • Nurtures Lung Yin*
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Spring Capsule
  • Support for Stomach Health*
  • Warms Up the Middle Jiao and Stomach*
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Spring Juice
  • Herbal Support for GI Tract Health*
  • Nurtures stomach Yin*
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Spring Patch
Urinary Bladder Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Urinary Tract*
  • Clears Damp Heat in the Lower Jiao*
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Verdant Spring
  • Herbal and Nutritional Support for Digestive Health*
  • Enhance Joint health, Energy and Sleep Quality*
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Vitiligo A Capsule and Vitiligo B Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Skin Pigmentation*
  • Clears Spleen Damp in the Skin*
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Xcel Capsule
  • Herbal Support for Kidney and Adrenal Function*
  • Nurtures Kidney Yang*
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ZY Formula
  • Herbal Support for Healthy Body Lubricating Fluid Production*
  • Nurtures Yin*
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In order to ensure proper use of our high-quality herbal products, Wei Laboratories only sells to licensed health care practitioners.