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How Do We Work with You?
Resolving the tough cases - 15 - 20% of your clinical cases

We have a systematic way to assist you for those tough cases. We provide you with the necessary training to better handle these cases, the training ranges from systematic training such as our TCM training to working with you on each specific case under your care.

For each specific case we are working with you, a patient tracking will be setting up to make sure every step of care and associated progress is recorded so the best clinical outcome can be assured especially when multiple steps are needed to optimize a patient's health.

When a case is complicated or the healing progress hits a plateau, we advise the practitioner to use the more comprehensive Patient Intake Form we garnered from many successful practitioners to capture the needed information. Based on this information, our experienced team will writing up a comprehensive Treatment Recommendation Report for the case and will review the report with you, the practitioner, regarding how to step by step fix the situation and the rationale behind it. For practitioners who frequently deal with patients with complications beyond their major complaints, we suggest they adopt our Patient Intake Form.

Originating new patients through

From the time we start working with you, we will work together to get your biography or CV onto with clinical case studies your feel proud about which set you apart from your neighboring practitioners.

While we work together, our systematic patient tracking will document ever more successful cases to showcase your superior clinical capability, and we will assist you to get those clinical case studies onto to further enhance your presence. This ever increased presence, coupled with the rapid growth of popularity of brings you new patients more effectively than most other channels around.

Please view our success story.

If you would like to start work with us as partners, please fill out the form to your left for an appointment with our staff.