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Wei TCM Training
Our Wei TCM Training is very practical and use your challenging clinical cases at your hand as focal points.

We will provide you with easy to digest and concise reading material to read at your convenient time and those reading materials can also serve as reference materials for you as well.

We put great emphasis on case teaching methods and use challenging cases at your hand to facilitate your learning; this is best reflected in our support and tracking process. Learn more....

The TCM Training can cover the following areas based on the needs of your clinical practice.

- Musculoskeletal Conditions
- Vascular Conditions
- Heart Conditions
- Kidney and Urinary Conditions
- Respiratory Conditions
- Liver and Gallbladder Conditions
- Digestive Tract Conditions
- Immune System Conditions
- Reproductive System Condition
- Psychological and emotional Conditions

Please view our success story.

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