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Kidney and Urinary
The Kidneys remove our metabolic wastes from the blood, balancing the minerals and also releasing three vital hormones: erythropoietin, which stimulates production of red blood cells in bones; renin, a blood-pressure regulator; and the active form of vitamin D, which maintains calcium levels in our bones. Diabetes, high blood pressure or improper use of prescription drug can lead to Chronic Kidney Disease which affects 26 million Americans. We promote a holistic approach to maintain good renal health and improve your overall wellness.
Topics covered by Kidney and Urinary System Care Program:

1) Kidney health including structure integrity and function
2) Microcirculation of the capillary tubes in the kidney
3) Filtration efficiency
4) Mineral balance
5) Maintain proper pH of the blood and urine
6) Bladder health
7) Blood detoxification
8) Frequent and uncontrollable urination
Products employed in this program: