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Digestive health is the foundation of our overall health and wellness. It can change over your lifespan, depending on how healthy our overall habits are, our genetics, and age. Digestive related issues can affect not only the gastrointestinal system, but also our musculoskeletal health, immune system health, and emotional health because digestive issues can affect nutritional supply to every part of our body. We promote a holistic approach for maintaining good digestive health and improve overall wellness.
Topics covered by the Digestive Care Program:

1) Assist healthy food digestion
2) Stomach health including structure integrity and function
3) Maintain the healthy acidic environment of the stomach
4) Food sensitivity and food allergy
5) Maintain healthy lining and lubrication of the GI tract
6) Small intestinal health including structure integrity and function
7) Proper food emptying process from stomach
8) Enhance colon contraction and maintain proper bowel movement
9) Chronic diarrhea and constipation
10) Enhance nutrient absorption
11) Large intestine and colon health including structure integrity and function
12) Enhance appetite
13) Enhance saliva production
14) Maintain pancreas health
15) Remove heat toxins from digestive tract
16) Maintain digestive health and overall wellness
Products employed in this program: